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Our Services

Security Consulting

Many of Companies and technical solutions rely on a direct connect to the internet, which puts your company’s servers and computers susceptible to hostile assaults that might impair your services and even threaten your entire organization.

Therefore, security consulting has become important for every company that relies on technical solutions, especially as the risks of cyber-attacks increase, and works (Sariya IT) to provide security consulting and protect your company’s servers and devices through the best services such as:

  • Protection against ransom ware causes many major companies such as Microsoft and other companies to incur losses.
  • Simulating malicious attacks and testing security systems through directing several attacks at the security services to ensure they are effective and capable of addressing challenges.
  • Security assessment of outside entities that could get access to your company’s services such as outside companies and contractions.
  • Identifying the security loopholes and software glitches that pose a threat to the various industrial operations, as well as assessing the various loopholes.
  • Protection against internal attacks through identifying internal sources of threat and better countering them.
  • Managing the digital crisis in order to make the right decisions during sensitive times and different times of crises.
  • Setting up the internal virtual networks to ensure protection against various attacks and creating virtual experiment environments to protect the operation systems and main data.