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Our excellence comes through a team of experts and professionals who can deliver the best digital and technical services and solutions in the local and regional market.

Our team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about their work, in addition to their extensive and diverse expertise in all technical disciplines, strategic planning, project management and logistics

With Sariya IT, you will have innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology provided by a team with decades-long experience in multiple markets, and our commercial and technical service teams are uniquely qualified to provide our customers with the right product, implementing solutions, focusing on detail, budget scope, timeliness and quality; You can rest assured that our delivery will meet all your requirements and expectations.

Administration Team


Dr. Amjad Al-Omar

General Manager

Muqeet Shah

Technical Director

Bakr Al-Sayed

Sales Manager

Hamdan Mohammad

Operation Leader

Ajeem Jalaludeen

Finance Dpt.
Why Sariya

A Different Perspective for Distribution Services


Sariya is adaptable with the ever-changing information technology market


Sariya employees engage fully in projects to finish them quickly and efficiently

Channel Orientation

: Sariya is to ascertain the demands of its clients, cater to those needs, and offer technical support and guidance to make sure that its products satisfy those needs.


Sariya's team works tirelessly to develop the business's items in accordance with consumer demand


Sariya keeps all its commitments to its clients and works hard to uphold openness, create a foundation of trust, and foster long-lasting relationships with them


The team functions as a single unit to complete the work in the best manner possible to propel our business to the top of the IT industry, not just in the Arab world, but globally.