Based in California, Moshi is a purveyor of electronics and accessories for the discerning. Moshi designers are meticulous in their materials selection and form factor design to enhance or preserve the value of high end personal electronic devices.

Made with an eye for stylish functionality, Moshi products are designed to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around.
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Design Innovations

Moshi prides itself on introducing products that meet our customers' needs in remarkable and practical new ways. Moshi's most innovative products and technologies include:
iVisor: the only patented, bubble-free, washable and reusable screen protector on the market. Has sold over 3 million units to- date.

Terahedron microfiber: a key, proprietary ingredient in several Moshi products. Incredibly soft-to-touch, resistant to dirt and capable of cleaning devices without harmful chemicals.

iLynx: the first and only USB/Firewire 800 combo hub. Uses Moshi's proprietary Dynamic Power Sharing technology that eliminates the need for external power.

Clarus: the only two-way, dynamic driver headset to be encased in steel alloy housing. Delivers crisp and robust sound unique from anything else on the market.